About The Designer

From Rags to the Runway – A Uniquely American Triumph

On June 6, Tatyana Khomyakova was born in a remote village in northern Russia. Abandoned by her father at birth, the little girl was raised by a single mother and lived in a wooden structure over the town library. As Tatyana entered school age, the little blond , blue eyed child made daily trips to the town well to retrieve water in buckets she carried to her home. Without running water or gas heat, the simple wooden structure was warmed by wood fires which also heated the water for washing and cleaning. Little Tatyana lived without the material possessions we may take for granted, but she had a happy childhood, nonetheless. She lived surrounded by the love of her mother and by nature with forests and rivers and lakes encompassing wild berries, animals and the wonders of God’s creation. “I’ve been inspired by the beauty of the world around me,” Tatyana would later comment. “We are surrounded by beauty – all we need to do is see it.” Always valuing study and education, Tatyana aced the exams to enter The University of Culture in St. Petersburg, Russia – wherein she majored in theater and costume design.

Upon graduation from University, Tatyana’s natural beauty and talent landed her roles as a high fashion model for Russian and European designers seeking to make headway into the growing Russian market. Then, in the mid-1990s, Tatyana met her future husband, Jan, and together they built a new life in America. Tatyana’s perseverance and ability to overcome handicaps provided the impetus to start her own fashion label and design beautiful dresses worn by women the world over. “I owe my success to the opportunity America has afforded me and the value of study and persistence my mother instilled in me. She died when I was still at the University, but somehow I like to think she knows of my joy and success .” Tatyana boutiques are now located all over the USA with plans to expand internationally. Moreover, celebrities as varied as Pink, Penelope Cruz, Christina Hendricks, Holly Madison, Miranda Lambert, Katy Perry and more have donned Tatyana’s unique, retro inspired designs. “America still welcomes immigrants to these shores and affords a chance to succeed. The opportunity is here. The rest is up to you.”